Lua for LabVIEW 2.0 for Windows has been released!

Go to the download page to get the newest release!

Lua for LabVIEW is a toolkit for scripting LabVIEW and for creating scriptable LabVIEW applications. The toolkit embeds the simple yet powerful Lua scripting language into LabVIEW so that Lua scripts can run inside the LabVIEW runtime. Custom LabVIEW-implemented functions can be called from Lua so that there are no limits to what can be scripted. Lua for LabVIEW also provides tools for architecting modular LabVIEW applications with improved error handling.

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Lua for LabVIEW news


The long awaited version 2.0 has been released for the Windows platform. This version supports at the moment Windows 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. Other platforms will soon follow including Mac OSX and Linux 32 bit and 64 bit versions, as well as support for NI realtime targets using NI Pharlap ETS, VxWorks and NI Linux realtime.

A mailing list has been set up to serve as a discussion forum for LabVIEW programmers that use the Lua for LabVIEW toolkit. It can be used to share experiences or ask questions whose answers might be general interest. Also, announcements regarding the future of Lua for LabVIEW are posted there. 

The new release version 2.0 for Windows can be downloaded here.


A small fix to the Lua for LabVIEW unit tests has been developed to prevent the unit tests to crash on an internal LabVIEW bug in LabVIEW version 2009 and higher. Also two small fixes to the Data Logger component have been made and is available in the Lua for LabVIEW 1.2.2 full archive for LabVIEW 8.5 and higher.


Lua for LabVIEW was tested under LabVIEW 2009 and works fine aside from a minor issue with one of the unit tests.


Article on Lua for LabVIEW has been published in LabVIEW World (in Italian).


Fix for LabVIEW 8.5 available for download.


Lua for LabVIEW 1.2.1 released.


Lua for LabVIEW data logger released.


Lua for LabVIEW 1.2.0 released.


A mailing list for Lua for LabVIEW users has been created. Now defunct!


1.1.0 released, Mac OS X support.


Lua for LabVIEW 1.0.1 released.


Lua for LabVIEW 1.0.0 is available for download.


Lua for LabVIEW 1.0 pre-release 2 is available for download.


Lua for LabVIEW 1.0 pre-release 1 is available for download.